In the Wine Cellar

After being destemmed and pressed, the grapes are dumped into small stainless steel fermentation vats where they are left to ferment for at least 10/15 days. During this period the processes of pumping over and punching down the cap are carried out, sprinkling the grape skins with the must so as to obtain the maximum amount of color and fragrances.

The process of malolactic fermentation is also carried out in stainless steel vats, after the wine is placed in oak barrels of different capacity: cask, barriques and tonneaux where it remains for a period from 6 to 24 months depending on the type of wine. During these months the wines are under constant supervision from me and my cellar man, Mrs. Pepa Todorova, who oversees the racking of each barrel. At the end of of the ageing period in oak each barrel is analyzed and evaluated for one last time by me and my wine consultant Doctor Andrea Mazzoni.

At this point we can decide the blending. I signed all the bottles which also carry into about the quantity of production for that specific year and for each wine, and a guarantee of the quality of craftsmanship that went into making wine.