The Vineyards

The Company develops around the Podere ( farmhouse) Corsica located in Nottola at an altitude of 330 meters above sea level in the heart of the hills covered with Sangiovese Prugnolo Gentile , while the Podere ( farmhouse) Totona is at an altitude of about 560 meters above sea level in an area where the olive tree has a perfect habitat.
The vineyards of Nottola have optimal exposure to sunlight and soil, medium texture and gravel, it gives the wines a richness and uniqueness of scents that make them extremely characteristic along with a body and fullness that blend happily with an elegance to be discovered.


Winter: The pruning of the vines, which takes place between January and February, is carried out on a spur cord which may only carry a maximum of 8 to 10 buds, a fact that allows me to control the amount of production of the grapes from the beginning of the vegetative phase .

Spring: during the springs months all the vines are cleaned by hand, stripped of excess of foliage and the soil is hoed following the Nature’ needs. These are age-old agricultural practices, very expensive, but all carried out with the aim of ensuring the product’s high level of health.

Summer: between June and July a pruning is carried out where any grape bunches which I think are excess to the vine’s productive capacity are removed. The average number of grape bunches per plant is 8, this permits optimal ripening and sugar concentration.
In August, traditionally hot, an important factor is the ripening of the grapes. The soil around the vines – in the central part of the row- is dug to make it refresher and more able to take advantage of the night humidity brings by the nightfall.
In this way I put the plants in a position to not accuse the hydric stress to the benefit balance of maturity that contributes to a significant advance of the harvest.

Autumn: September is the most important period of the year: that of the harvest: exclusively by hand! The grape pickers work by filling two 10 kg boxes at the some time: one for top quality and one for lower quality grapes. In the way when the grapes arrive at the cellar they are alteady sorted and can be used for different products of a different quality.
The harvest takes from 7 up to 10 days so that the grapes are all picked at the optimal moment in terms of maturity and analytic balance if necessary, before the harvest, any low quality grape bunches are removed.